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The traceback function allows clusters in the CHI (or scatter diagram) to be associated with areas in the original images (or maps). Works in the TOP CHI window (two or three dimensional).

  1. Immediately after clicking the traceback button, drag parallelogram shaped regions.
    1. The outlines (parallelograms) will be automatically colored.
    2. Drag one side (which remains fixed), then drag the width.
      1. In other words, there are two drags per region.
      2. Note that the side may be extended beyond the image boundary by dragging over that boundary. This may be useful when including pixels near the corners of the image.
      3. Once the mouse button is let up, that particular drag is finished.
      4. Watch the information window strip to see which region you are now working on.
    3. Drag up to 19 regions (as of Feb '98).
  2. Click the go away box of the information line when finished mousing regions, to show the traceback. The colors in the traceback window correspond to the colors of the region outlines.