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Changes and additions to MacLispix.

Feb 97

  1. Hist2 - New, real valued, flexible histogram.
  2. RGB Tiff read. Removed save as tiff button.
  3. Comments box in finder <-> Notes in image windows. Preserved in image reads, and TIFF saves.

April 97

  1. Hide/show annotations
  2. Registration widget
  3. Improvements to averaged stack profiles. Loads all RAE stacks from one folder.
  4. Reads more types of Gatan images, also reads small format images.
  5. Flip images (pixel operations).
  6. Hide/show windows added to arrange button.
  7. 3 point thermal slider
  8. Gatan: header info in file_info widget. Load stack in RAE stack widget.

May 97

  1. Stack registration widget.
  2. RGB color images and integer gray scale images added to stack saves and registration.

Dec 97

  1. PDF (Powder diffraction file) database indexing for version 47
  2. Improved Electron Diffraction Spot tool. Works with large images.
  3. TIFF floating point format read/write. (IEEE 8 byte format). ( I don't know of other programs that read this format. Image'NSpect reads the 4 byte TIFF float.
  4. TIFF RGB format read.
  5. Faster Euclidian Distance Map.
  6. More specialized file formats (JEOL, PGT RAS).
  7. Superblobber (multi-threshold).

March 98

  1. TIFF false color 8 bit read.
  2. Reorganized buttons, widgets.
  3. Line profile - changable colors and labels.
  4. Hist2 - swipe peak for integrated counts.
  5. False color slider (LUT) - works on multiple windows at once.
  6. DLL's (libraries) included with MacLispix application.
  7. Access to source code removed. (Source files still available separately).
  8. Draw scale (draw color ramp, as in Image).
  9. Maclispix remembers more between sessions, such as: folder of last image opened, and the locations of the button windows.
  10. Updated documentation (10 new pages, several dozen new figures, 100's of new links).
  11. Scatter diagrams - docs and examples.
  12. PCA - docs and examples.

April 98

  1. Clipped scaling of real images.

November 99

  1. Port to PC partially finished. New version not yet available.