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For plotting one blob parameter against another, and for selecting blobs.

  • A - grow square
  • B - click information (click without dragging)
  • C - control menu. (Adjust or Select)
  • D - Click on top right corner to reset.
  • E - Click on bottom left corner to set origin at (0,0)
  • F - Click on edge to set to data limits. Double click to leave a small margin.
  • Drag (green arrows, for example) past blue border to expand plot in any direction. Undo by clicking outside the blue border.
  • Click within the blue border without dragging to see click information at B - gives X and Y values, and number of points at that value.

Clicking on D resets the limits of the plot to the data limits. Clicking on the lower left makes the lower left corner of the plot be at the origin (0,0).

If the window at C is changed to "Select", then a rectangle can be dragged and adjusted on the plot. When the pink stats line for the rectangle is closed, the blobs corresponding to the points within the rectangle will be outlined on the image(s).