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These are utilities for scaling (and optionally cropping) data, and storing the resulting files in another folder. This allows examination of data using Adobe Photoshop, and making catalogs using utilities such as Aldus Fetch, or Kodak Shoebox. Other image analysis software may use these tools for pre-processing.

The actions are controlled by parameters:


Parameters: set the parameters that are in bold. top

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Output_file_type top

The output_file_type parameter (see the {... setup} menu) controls the output file type, which defaults to TIFF. Raw 8 bit files is the other option. The image dimensions are printed to the listener - this information is often useful when attempting to read raw formatted images.

Time to Completion top - How long will it take?

Estimate time to completion available with the {MLx - loop monitor} menu.

Getting Started top

To use:

  1. Specify the input_dir and output_dir folders {MLx - Crop/Convert - Parameters}.
  2. Set other parameters if you want special scaling, transposing, or cropping. Cropping will occur according to the crop_bdr mlx parameter. Set the rectangle using the MLx Rect... button. If this parameter is not set, no cropping takes place.
  3. {MLx - Crop/Convert - doit}. Select the desired files. Be sure to omit any .doc files.

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