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JEOL 8500 File Format

This file format contains the video (or electron) image and the xray maps - all in one file. THe image dimensions need not be known. The xray maps are assumed to have 16 bit (unsigned) pixels.

These are 'raw data' or unquantitated files. They come (now, anyway, August 97) to the mac via the vax using FTP JEOL, then Fetch. Usually Ryna quantitates the files on the Vax, and then transferes the .epm files to the Mac for viewing. This utility is useful when the raw files are to be examined on the Mac.

After loading this widget, the additional menu itmes will be in the MLx - Image Files menu. The read raw JEOL maps command will read the file and display all of the images in it. The window titles for the maps are a combination of the file name and the individual map names.

The JEOL map header command will print information about the file to the Listener window.