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      Changes to Lx05P (as of  6/5/2003) since Lx04.

            (See Changes to current version of Lispix, for changes since that date.


New web pages and examples.

Bug fixes

16 bit TIFFs were sometimes saved with the wrong photometricinterpretation, making them unreadable by Photoshop and Image Pro.

2&3 Variables TOOL

Multiple threshold tool in 2-3 variables window.

Mask from rectangle now works with RGB image.

Fixed zero hue in ‘2&3 variables / RGB-overlay / rgb->hsv. Added hsv->RGB.

Fractal Tools

Improved Koch fractal generator.

Manipulating Windows

More select options in Window menu, with minimized windows ignored.

CLUT sliders now work on front image if original image is closed.

Menu Bar


New:  intensity histogram for real valued images.

Profile TOOL

Profile tool - add drag by center, add reset options - full width or full height.

Spreadsheet TOOL

 New window arrange tool for sorting in x and x&y variables.


Blob - new exclude blobs from sorted list, new plot equivalent circle, new blob stat arithmethic, new clear unneeded blob statistics by groups.

New:  make spreadsheet with list of blobs.  Useful for PPP tool.

New:  draw blobs on another image – with different scale, translation and rotation.

New:  draw nearest neighbors, plot histogram of nearest neighbor distances


Sliders now open at bottom of image.

New ‘dimmer’ slider.  More flexible contrast slider.  Can dim or invert image.

Any window can now be renamed using 'Window / rename anything'.

New 'Filter / outline..' functions for outlines of blob masks.

Better directory browsing for 'R','W','a1','a2',and 'B' buttons.

All help text files now show properly. Some HTML help added.

Data Cube TOOL

Cube window - fixed end slices of region slider, slice indicator added to spectrum plot window, threshold slider limits now correct, outlier removal tool, truncate tool, sum spectrum from whole cube tool.

Pixmaps made only when required.  Speeds up loading large cubes.

New row of buttons for analyzing very large cubes directly from a raw data file:  plot, image, cube.

Plot save to file – modified to ignore x-ray lines and other annotations on plots.

Add x-ray line annotation (using the PPP tool).

Better image names for images from slices.


Now works with spreadsheets made with the blob tool.

New:  add x-ray line markers to any spectrum plot.  (Useful with data cube tool.)

New:  xray line widths, corrected for energy, marked on spectrum plot.