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Image Registration

Images are registered by moving one image right, left, up, or down, relative to the other images.  Registration is useful for taking jitter out of movies and adjusting stereo pairs for the best effect.  Use these buttons in the Data Cube Tool to register images:


How to register a Stereo Pair

A stereo pair of images can be registered, cropped, rotated, and the brightness and contrast adjusted with the CLUT sliders.  All of this is done with the Data Cube Tool.  In this case, the 'cube' is only two layers thick:  Here are the steps:

How to register a data cube and make a stereo movie GIF file:

(Note - some of this is outdated because the Data Cube Tool has been changed a little.  These register functions still work, but using the Offsets and Tracking buttons is much faster, and almost as tood.  Registration can then be refined using some of the steps below.) Here are the steps in detail: