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Periodic Table Tool

The Periodic Table Tool now has X-Ray Spectra and FINI file capability.   See note on adding ev per channel and detector peak width information to the spectrum image rpl file.

The Periodic Table Tool is also a resource for other tools.  You mark elements as accept, reject, or neutral (don’t care).  Some other tools use these selections.

You can also get elemental information, and colorize the table using various physical properties - see below.


Accept / Reject buttons


Examples of accepted and rejected elements



Clear and Set Buttons

Colorizing Example

Most of the elements are white.  The color scale needs to be adjusted.  To see the color scale as it is now:

Note that the right part of the CLUT is flat white, and this presumably is where most of the densitities lie.  Move the color gradient to that region:

Then repeat the colorize command (it is still set to use the thermalizer, which should still be the front slider.

This shows Tungsten and close cousins as having the high melthing point, along with Carbon, which might come as a surprise.