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Frequently asked questions about the Profile tool.

1)    How do I a plot of intensity for several images together?

      a) Make a plot for each image.  The profile tool remembers the

      profile line location and width between images.

      For each image:

            i) Select image:  click on image, click on 'image!' button.

            ii) turn line on:  'line on!' button.

            iii) make a plot: 'plot!' button.

      b) Change the color of any of the plots as desired:

            i) 'color / <select a color>' menu.

            ii) 'arrange / change color'

      c) Combine the separate plots into one.

            'arrange / combine plots.'

2)    How to I output a profile to Excel?

      Profile Tool / Profiles / print profile  (prints front plot to a text window.)

      Window (on menu bar) / save front text window to file.