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Profile Tool

Intensity Profiles

Distance and Angle Measurement

Derived Spectra along the profile line

Intensity Profiles

This Tool plots profiles for gray level images, RGB images and data cubes. 

Averaged profile for better signal-to-noise:

Profile without averaging (width = 0) does not show the thin lines as above.  They are obscured by noise. 

Download above image.


Composite RGB Profile:


The SRM484 image is in the lx-images folder and is distributed with Lispix.

Steps in making a profile plot.



Note for highly zoomed images:

When images are zoomed up enough to see the individual pixels, a cyan line appears parallel to the profile tool line, and running through the pixel centers rather than the upper left corner.  (new 3/20/07).

Ideally, the tool itself should be where the cyan line is, but this would require extensive re-programming.