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Xray Information For Spectral Images

Most X-ray information, such as the table of x-ray lines (markers) and some instrumental parameters are associated with each individual data cube (a spectral image displayed in a cube file window, or a cube vector window.  Use this information with the X-Ray and FINI buttons in  the Periodic Table Tool.

The X-ray information now needed with each spectral image is:

ev-per-chan                      Usually 5 or 10 eV per channel.
detector-peak-width-ev     Usually 150 eV - the width at half-max for the Mn K-alpha line.

You can enter this information when Lispix asks for it, or add it by hand to the end of the .rpl file, and Lispix will recognize it whenever you open the spectral image.

This is a sample rpl file.  The added parameters are in red

key value
width 256
height 200
depth 1024
offset 0
data-type unsigned
data-length 2
byte-order little-endian
record-by vector
ev-per-chan 5
detector-peak-width-ev 150


(One tab and any number of spaces separate each key from its value.)