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Stitch and Join Buttons






  <=  Stitch and Join functions are here.

These are tools for cleaning up blob outlines and joining two blobs together.

The stitch functions are for trimming off appendages on blob outlines.  You inititally click on two points, hence '2' in the button names.

The draw functions are for joining two adjacent blobs that really should be one blob.  You initially click on four points, hence the '4' in the button names.

Sel2! and Sel4!Tools select boundary point closest to where you click, within a tolerance.  If a boundary point is within the tolerance, draws a circle around it.

Rev2! Since the points divides the one or two blob outlines into two segments each, which segment is chosen depends on the click order.  In cases where the segment you want is not visible, use Rev2! to see the desired segment, then click 'Stitch2' to make the change.

Rev4! Analogous to Rev2!

      ** Use the Rev2! or Rev4!button to make sure you've selected the proper segment (usually inside vs outside).  **

Draw!       Draw a line connecting the endpoints with the mouse, rather than using a straight line.

Stitch2!    Draws a straight line connecting the ends of the selected segment of the blob outline.  Discards the other segment.  CAUTION - use Rev! to make sure you are keeping the correct segment.

Undo2!      Works to undo a stitch if done IMMEDIATELY after Stitch2!.

Split2!     Like stitch, except retains both pieces of the original outline.  They share the stitch line as a common border.

Join4!      Draws straight lines between corresponding points to join two blob outlines.  Corresponding points are those closest together.  The two old blobs are replaced by the new compound blob.