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Tutorial Examples

Step by step examples of using Lispix.


Changing image name.

Circular Intensity Profile of Fundus Image.

Conventions used in the documentation.

Conventions used in the Lispix program.

Digitize points from a drawing.

Flatten image background to permit contrast enhancment over the entire image.  (Background subtraction).

Fourier Transform

Glass Database

Histogram - Plot in Lispix, save and import to Excel.

Image files:  what Lispix readsJPEG and GIF discussion

Image shift measurements

Import image (raw format) How to view TIFF files whose header is corrupted.

Koala example Display a demo image using the .Samples & info Tool.  (No need to browse for image or set Lispix directories).

Linked zooming and scrolling Zoom and scroll three images simultaneously, also with navigator.

Lispix directories You need to read this to save images, or to open more than one image at a time.

Line spacing measurements:  Measure square grating line spacings using Hough TransformAutomatic line spacing measurement.

LISP Code.  Short expressionsFunction defined in a file.

Locating demo images using R menu.  These image are in the Lispix folder /lx-images.

Outliers How to handle out of range data in images and data cubes.



Particle morphological parameters(length, width, etc.) illustration definitions

Particle sizing.  Output to Spreadsheet Tool.  Display maximum caliper diameters.

Particle Sizing - diameter distribution

Particles - nearest neighbors.

Manually edit the outline of a particle.

Particle Form Terms:  glossary, form terms1, form terms 2

Particle Sizing: batch mode

Radius estimate – manual tool.


Principal Component Analysis: PCA1, PCA2

Profile Plots: Averaged profile plot  Circular intensity profile plot   Profile plot of RGB image.

Radius estimate – manual tool.

Rescale Rutile image (a 16 bit image) that appears all black.  Older Trimmed scaling example on Rutile. Enhance Rutile with T1 button.

Spectrum Image (Data Cube Tool):  load and plot derived spectra or plot the Max spectrum alone..

Spreadsheet Tool - use on Glass Research Material Database

"Squarifying" an image.  How to crop an image.  Select a square portion of an image for use with the FFT.

Thumbnails from folder of images.


Zooming and scrolling.