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Linked Zoom and Scroll Example

Lispix has the capability to zoom and scroll several images together.  This is done with the Groups Tool.

Example - load three images, put them in a group, link them, and zoom and scroll them together.

1.  Load the images.  Help / Samples & Info / Images / 3 koalas .  This opens three images, all on top of each other.

2. Tile the images so you can see them.  Tile!

3) Close the Samples Tool, as you don't need it any longer.

4) Open the Groups ToolWindow / Groups

5) Make a new group:  Group / Gew Group.  (The name is 'group 1'.  If you close the Group Tool, or make another group later, this group can be selected using the group button and its name 'group 1'.

6) Put the three images into the new group:  Images / Select Images, and select all three images.  The Groups Tool should then look like this:

7) Link the iimages by clicking on the Link OFF button.  It will now say Link ON.  The blue background lets you know that the images are linked, and most other functions frozen.

8) Zoom the images up by x8: 

9) Turn on the drag funcition.:  Click on the No Scroll button (which will change to Drag to Scroll).

10) Click-drag any of the image with the mouse, and the others will move with it.

11) Make an image navigator.

If you drag any of the images with the mouse, the red rectangle in the navigator will change accordingly.