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Misclaneous notes on using Lispix, alphabetical by subject.

Frequently Asked Questions


My images look all black when loaded, except for a few white pixels - what do I do?  Scale omitting outliers.

Printing Images - with and without superimposed graphics.

Arranging images – How do I do it?

CHI’s or scatter plots – How do I make them?

File types that Lispix reads.  Recommended characters for file names.

How do I flatten image brightness – correct for large variations in background illumination or brightness?

Large images – How do I view them?

Networked drives:  Lispix may not work properly with images on networked drives.  If so, move data to your local hard drive.

Plots – How do I close them?
Selection of a point (single pixel) or a rectangle in an image.

How to close sliders.

Tutorial by Jeff Paulson.

What is a type t image, and how do I save it?