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Making Thumbnails

(See new tool for making thumbnails, which will usually replace this method.)

Scaling gray level tiff images to make good thumbnails in the

Windows view:   'View / Thumbnails':

(This does not make one big image file with thumbnails in it.

'TOOLS / Process folder / Mosaic / Of folder' does that.) 

This example is for making files that have usable thumbnails in the Windows view, Photoshop preview, etc.  The files will probably read allright into Powerpoint and MS Word. The windows thumbnail option, Photoshop, Kodak image view, NIH Image, and others, all prefer scaled 8 bit images.  In other words, they work most easily for, and show thumnails best for images that display without any sort of special scaling:  the values range from 0 - 255.

Tool to make TIFF copies of images that show good thumbnails:

TOOLS / Process Folder / Files in Folder / Reduce & CLUT

This makes a copy of 8 bit images with a LUT to enhance each image so as to display a nice thumbnail.  Trimmed scaling and gamma adjustment are the two options as of 6/17/2003.  The original data is not affected.

Older and more general example – for scaling images other than 8 bit to show a reasonable thumbnail.  LUT options not available yet for the process folder command.  6/17/2003