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Image Representation - How Lispix represents images in memory.

At the expense of memory but to gain data integrity, convenience and speed, Lispix stores three copies of each image: the original, a scaled copy, and the pixmap. Each has a different uses.

Gray level and complex images

Gray level images can be enhanced with scaling and with a CLUT slider.

The original image is rarely changed -- exceptions are mostly in the Image menu.  Image operations make a new image and do not change the old one.  The 'original' is what is read from a file, and saved to a file. 

The scaled copy is not saved directly by any Lispix command, but can be saved in these ways.

The pixmap is not accessed or saved from Lispix.  The closest way is to save a screen snapshot.


RGB images

RGB images cannot be enhanced as-is. Separate into components with the 2&3 Variable Tool if necessary. Then, enhance the three component images and combine again with the 2&3 Variable Tool .