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Image Size Limit

The LISP compiler (Allegro Common Lisp, Franz Inc.) for Lispix versions up to Lx43has an upper limit of the number of array elements of 2^24 = 16777216, or, say, 4096 x 4096. This is the upper size limit for gray level images. For RGB images, the upper size limit is somewhat less than 3000 x 2000.  For Lispix Lx44 and following, the image size is roughly 30 times larger (22k x 22k).  Since Lispix keeps the entire image in memory, computer memory might now be the limiting factor.

Large JPEG images, which are always in RGB color can sometimes be loaded if opened as a gray level image, where they might be too large if opened as an RGB image. Use 'file / open color images as gray level / yes'.

This size limit applies to individual images, not to whole or data cubes (stacks of images), which are stored as a number of individual arrays. The size of data cubes is limited by the memory of your machine.