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Lispix Preferences

Lispix now saves preferences upon quitting using the File / Exit menu.  Lispix will not save the preferences upon quitting in any other way, such as by closing the Lispix window with the red X: or by crashing the program.

The preferences consist of all of the parameters that are available at the bottom of the Help menu:  Help / Parameters. Users rarely access the parameters directly from the help menu. 

The parameters are saved in a lisp source (text) file lispix-preferences.lisp in the main Lispix folder.

Noticable or important parameters are the directories and the colors of the background, tools and buttons.

If you have changed colors of, say the background and menu bar, and do not wish to start up with these changes next time, you can quit Lispix with the red X  .  If you wish to start over with the default Lispix parameters, just trash the parameter file.