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How to Print Images from Lispix

Images cannot be printed directly from Lispix.

No Graphics (plain images)

Images, without graphics, can be saved as a TIFF (or JPEG) and read into another imaging program such as NIH Image or Photoshop. These images include:

It helps to scale the images to 8 bits before sending them to most programs for printing. Converting to 8 bits can be done in a number of ways, for example:

Images with Graphics

Graphics such as blob outlines, labeled circles, and small image titles may or may not be redrawn when the image window is redrawn (refreshed) Redrawing an image window occurs upon clicking the R! button or on covering and uncovering the window. In both cases, graphics are NOT saved by Lispix, no matter what the file format. The way to save images with superimposed graphics is to do a screen grab <alt> Print Screen, then use some other image processing program, to paste the whole image, crop as desired, and then save to a file.