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Starting Lispix

Lispix opens like this:

Main Lispix Window

Only the upper left of the Lispix Window is shown - the rest of the Lispix Window is blank to start with.  All images that you open appear inside it.

This large light-teil window is the main Lispix window.  You can change its color by right-clicking on it, then using Change Background Color .

All other Lispix windows (images, buttons, sliders, etc.) are visible only within this window.  Lispix quits when you close this window. 

You can resize this window by dragging its borders. The relative positions of any of the windows inside it do not change.

The menu at the top ("File  Image  Draw ... ") accesses all Lispix functions. Clicking on the plus sign - "+" will expand the menu bar and button window to show the Lispix read, write and auxiliary directories.  You can also show them by dragging down the lower border of the menu window (what is light green).

The buttons just below the menu are for conveniently accessing often used functions.



Convenience Buttons


Lispix uses the file extension to determine the image type.  Lispix will open TIFF (*.tif), JPEG (*.jpg), GIF (*.gif), raw (*.raw with accompanying .rpl file), and some other image types.  Lispix opens gray level BMP images, but does not open PICT images.

Discussion of TIFF, JPEG and GIFPermission for GIF from Compuserve

Hold down the shift key to make some commands work in ALL open images.

If images appear flipped along a diagonal, use Image / Transpose.   (The flipping has to do with the order in which different programming languages store and write arrays.  This problem should not happen with the standard formats - TIFF, JPEG, GIF, etc., but it well may happen with the raw image format.

How to print images.

How to view large images.

Image size limit.

Uninstalling Lispix

The Lispix application, DLL’s, documentation and data are all in the Lispix folder.

Just drag the Lispix folder, and any shortcuts you may have made, to the Recycle Bin.

Editing Text

Lispix prints data in text windows astab delimited text, for compatability with Excel and text editors.

When cutting, copying, and pasting text, use <ctrl> x, <ctrl> c and <ctrl > v.  Menu items for these are not available in Lispix.