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Colorizer Sliders

for changing the Color Look Up Table

New documentation:  Threshold Sliders

You move any color band in any of the sliders by dragging the left, right or middle portion of the band.  Dragging the middle of the band moves the band without changing its length.


A slider will snap to and work on the front image, unless the Slider /Lock to Image, No Jump command is used:
When the cursor enters the slider, it switches to the front image window and moves underneath it.  The title bar of the slider will change to show the new window when a slider band is moved..
When locked, the above does not take place - the slider remains working on its current window, and remains in whatever position you have placed it.

More than one slider can work on one image at the same time.  What the image looks like depends on which slider band was last changed.

A slider can work on more than one image simultaneously, using groups. (Group Tool, note on groups of windows).

Note about image cubes:  Sliders no longer work directly on cube images (data cubes) - there are bugs.  Extract the slice you are looking at to an image window, and use the slider on that.


Threshold Slider

The threshold  slider is used for making masks from gray level images.  Areas of interest selected by the slider are shown in red.  The resulting mask (which you may not choose to display using the Thresholds button in the slider, but which Lispix uses internally) gives the corresponding red pixels the value of 1 in the mask.  Elsewhere the mask is zero.


This example shows a real valued image. The values range from 0 to 0.46 - use Info / Sizes & Limits.  The pixel values between 0.1337 and 0.3665 are shown in red.

The red band covers 44% of the range of the pixel values.

The percentage of image pixels that are red or selected is 5.33.


Thresholds button (Threshold slider only)

Thermal Sliders

Tutorial note

All Colorizer Sliders


Window button (all CLUT sliders)

G! and C! buttons

The g! and C! buttons are handy for rapidly switching slider colors on and off, or for switching between effects of two sliders.

Notes on scale & colorize with file (with a text table).