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Colorizer Slider

The colorizer slider is an enhanced version of the thresholder slider.

Right-click on the slider to do various things:

  1. Change color - Change the color of any one of the color bands.
  2. Remove color - Actually makes any color band the light blue color of the slider background.  Allows gaps between bands.
  3. Change color to COLOR menu - Quick version of 1.  Color is the color selected in the COLOR menu.
  4. List pixel percentages - Makes a table with the color, threshold range, pixel count for that thresold range and the percentage pixel count or area for that color.  The table is tab delimited and can be cut and pasted into a spreadsheet.
  5. Make masks - Like the threshold slider, makes masks from the image corresponding to the various color bands of the slider.
  6. Make spectra - Requres a data cube, a spectral image.  Makes sum spectra from the (invisible unless you make them with 4.) masks.
  7. Add color - Splits a color band where you click, changing the right part of the band to a new color.
  8. Delete hidden colors.
  9.  -  If you have collapsed color bands to zero width so that you can't see them any more, will delete these bands.