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Expanded Menu Bar

The Menu Bar now has three levels of expansion.  Use the <control>key on the E1 button to the far right of the Menu Bar to see what it does.  This replaces the + button.  Holding down the shift key while using this button contracts the Menu Bar.

The four states of the menu bar are these:

Fully collapsed

Showing Buttons to manipulate image windows

Showing more Buttons for enhancement using colorization (CLUT)

Showing buttons and the Lispix directories

Repeated clicking on the E1 menu, cycles through these states of the menu bar.  Resizing the window is all that is happening, and you can do this manually by dragging the bottom edge of the menu bar, which is actually a button window, positioned so that the title bar is hidden.  The name of the E1 button changes to show the next state:  E2 - second expanded state, E3 - third and fully expanded state, and S - the shrunk or default state.

Repeated clicking on the E1 button while holding down the shift key cycles through the states in reverse order.  So, shift-clicking on E1 expands immediately to show the directories.  Then, just clicking on S will collapse back to the default or shrunk menu bar.

The menu bar expands to show the default directories and the Open Color Images Button.


How Lispix opens Color Images