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Lispix Menu Bar

The menu bar has more rows in its expanded form.



Open and save image and text files.
Image Convert pixel types (16 bit to 8 bit, for example), shrink, transpose, flip
Draw Discs, rectangles, lines, CLUT ramps
Select Rectangle, parallelogram.  Crop image.  Make mask.
Color Select color for use in tools and other commands.  Removed 11/2/06.
Colorize Make sliders for thresholding, contrast, gamma.  Copy CLUT to another image.
Scale Linear, trimmed, equalized (brightness mappings).  See image representation.
Info Image size and limits.  Chart of pixel values.  Histograms.
Arithmetic Sum, difference, ratio, log, etc.
Filter Edge finder (gradient), mean, median, variance, flatten, etc.
TOOLS Profiles, color overlays, segmentation, others.
Plots Log plot.  Duplicate and combine plots.
Navigator Make image or plot navigators.
Window Sort, tile, resize, close.
Help View HTML documentation.  Sample images and functions.  Parameters.
E1 Expand the menu bar to show buttons and directories.  Control-click for more info.

Convenience Buttons

Some of the buttons have been renamed with longer names to make clear what they do.


** Clicking this button will redraw or refresh a window.  Images will have temporary graphics erased.  Plots, spectrum plots in particular, will be redrawn at full resolution.  When using spectrum plots with the Data Cube or PPP Tools, the plots are often drawn at reduced resolution for faster response.