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Plot Navigator Image Navigator | Navigator Menu | Viewing large images.

You can resize navigators.

Right-clicking on an image navigator will put cross-hairs on the images.

Image Navigator

(Above properties are also true for the Plot Navigator.)

Making an Image Navigator

The Zoom button is in the second row of the Menu Bar.  If you need to expand the menu bar, click on E1, which will show the buttons and change to E2. After zooming the image, the red rectangle in the navigator will shrink to show the area of the image that is now visible in the window.


Image Navigator Cross Hairs

Cross hairs, combined with linked zoom and scroll are useful for comparing corresponding areas of two images that are registered and of the same size.

Right-clicking on the Navigator Window will present this pop-up:

  • Cross hairs appear on images.
  • Cross hairs disappear when navigator box is moved.
  • Select new cross hair color (default is green).

The cross hairs are centered on the image that the Navigator was set up to move.  If this image is linked with the Groups Tool (available at the bottom of the Window Menu), the cross hairs will also appear on these images, with the center of the cross at the corresponding place in the other images. 

This example shows tracks in the left image, and lines corresponding to the tracks but three times as long in the center image.  The Navigator is the right image.

Of  course the cross hairs are not centered in windows that are not the same size as the window that the Navigator was set up to move.

Plot Navigator



Here is an example plot made using the Profile Tool:

After clicking on the plot to put it in front of any other windows, use the Navigator / Make command in the Lispix Menu Bar.

Make and other Navigator commands

  • Make - make image or plot navigator, for whichever type of window is in front
  • Set host image - change image on which image navigator works.
  • set box color - set to color menu color.  Use if rectangle is difficult to see.
  • size - Resize image navigator so that thumbnail fills navigator window.
  • help - shows examples.



I made the navigator and dragged by hand to the right to uncover the plot.  At this point, you can drag any of the five small circular 'handles' in the plot in the navigator to change the limits of the plot.  Alternatively you can set the axes in a variety of ways, using the Set Axes button.

  Set Axes menu: