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MEP Advisory Board

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MEP Advisory Board Charter

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Updated May 23, 2016

Advisory Board Cost Share Recommendations
In June 2013, the MEP Advisory Board was charged with initiating a review of the MEP cost share structure and provide recommendations to the Director of NIST. On October 18, 2013, the Advisory Board submitted their recommendations to the NIST Director. The links below include the Board's transmittal letter and materials from each meeting related to their review of the MEP cost share structure. 

MEP Advisory Board Purpose

The NIST Manufacturing Extension Partnership Advisory Board (MEPAB) was created to provide guidance and advice on the MEP program from the perspective of industrial extension customers and providers who have a vision of industrial extension with a national scope.

MEP has developed its strategy and approach to accomplishing its mission based on a core set of guiding values. These values are derived from experience and lessons learned. The value that was the impetus for the MEP Advisory Board is: MEP is committed to being industry-driven and market-defined. Industry provides the primary guidance for the selection and delivery of the products and services offered by the system; and subsequently, industry provides the evaluation of the quality and effectiveness of these services.

Additionally, industry expects MEP to identify proactive actions that will enable small manufacturers to successfully address and implement changes in technology and the business environment in the future. With this value in mind, the MEP Advisory Board represents the views and needs of various stakeholders on MEP programs, plans and policies; assesses the soundness of MEP strategies; and evaluates current performance of the program against MEP's goals.