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MEP Publications

MEP Annual Report

The MEP Annual Report is designed to present the most notable achievements, development, and facts of the past year. It is meant to be a reference book for all those who are interested in American Manufacturing and the MEP.

2013 Annual Report
2012 Annual Report

MEP Economic Impact

MEP leverages over $100 million dollars of federal investment into a nearly $300 million dollar program by teaming with industry as well as state and local organizations. MEP provides access to a range of resources meeting the critical and often unique needs of America's manufacturers. The following documents show MEP's economic impact.

2013 Economic Impact
2012 Economic Impact

MEP Collaboration Document

The MEP Collaboration Document defines our range of tools and services that help manufacturers identify opportunities, strengthen their growth and competitiveness, and commercialize technologies.


MEP Delivering Measurable Results to Manufacturing Clients

Each year the MEP network helps thousands of manufacturers reinvent themselves, solve problems, increase productivity, improve their economic competitiveness, and enhance their innovation capabilities.  This brief report documents the survey process and summarizes the total national client impacts for the services provided in a Fiscal Year.


MEP Advisory Board Reports

Innovation and Product Development in the 21st Century - U.S. manufacturing is at a critical crossroads. Policymakers have a choice to establish a framework to guide the future of manufacturing in the U.S. and to accelerate adjustments to markets or leave its future up to serendipity, chance, complacency, and indifference. U.S. policymakers can help manufacturing firms change, innovate, move into new markets, and adapt to a constantly changing global economic environment or operate under the false assumptions that the industry is not worth the effort.