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Supply Chain

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Topics related to supply chain improvement including supply network flexibility, supplier collaboration, supply chain logistics, and building the supply chain of the future

Featured Reports:

supply chainwhitelineGlobal Manufacturing Outlook: Fostering Growth through Innovation
June 2012
Category: Current State of MFG, Innovation, Supply Chain

While macroeconomic uncertainties still abound, global manufacturers are using the low-growth environment to ramp up their innovation activity, increase efficiency, and add value to their offerings simultaneously. KPMG’s new report, Global Manufacturing Outlook: Fostering Growth through Innovation, examines an industry experiencing transformational shifts and the strategies manufacturing leaders are using to adapt to ongoing volatility, drive innovation, and position themselves for both top and bottom-line growth.


supplychainwhitelineBuilding the Supply Chain of the Future
January 2011
Category: Supply Chain

Emphasis on supply chain logistics and the technical aspects of improving them.





The Emerging U.S. Rail Industry: Opportunities to support American manufacturing and spur regional development - November 2013
A number of factors have come together to heighten the importance of rail transit to the U. S. economy. These same factors present new opportunities for domestic manufacturers of rail cars and equipment to benefit, however, historical and structural barriers to seizing these opportunities exist. This paper explores each of these areas in detail and makes recommendations to policy makers on how they might best support a strong and growing domestic supply chain for the rail transit industry.
Other Categories: Innovation, Capital & Cost, Global Competitiveness,Federal/Industry Collaboration,Education & Workforce, Supply Chain

New Report: Foreign Direct Investment In the United States - October 2013
The United States has been the world’s largest recipient of foreign direct investment (FDI) since 2006. Every day, foreign companies establish new operations in the United States or provide additional capital to established businesses. With the world’s largest consumer market, skilled and productive workers, a highly innovative environment, appropriate legal protections, a predictable regulatory environment, and a growing energy sector, the United States offers an attractive investment climate for firms across the globe.
Other Categories: Innovation, Capital & Cost, Global Competitiveness, Supply Chain

On the Threshold: Refocusing U.S. Export Assistance Strategy for Manufacturers - June 2013
This report offers observations and recommendations on how to increase small and mid-size manufacturers (SMMs) SMMs’ contribution to manufacturing exports; and answers questions related to: the importance of exporting to SMMs with the greatest export growth potential, types of assistance exporters need, the importance of innovation and supply chain for growing exports, and export assistance in a a limited funding environment. The report is in support of a major joint research efforts undertaken by MEP and the U.S.Commercial Service.
Other Categories: Current State of MFG, Innovation, Global CompetitivenessFederal/Industry Collaboration

Manufacturing the future: The next era of global growth and innovation - November 2011
This report from the McKinsey Global Institute, presents a clear view of how manufacturing contributes to the global economy today and how it will probably evolve over the coming decade.  Findings in the report include:  manufacturing's changing role, manufacturing is not monolithic, and the new dynamic phase of manufacturing.
Other Categories: Current State of MFG, Innovation, Global Competitiveness, Education & Workforce, Best Practices

What's Your Plan for 2025? - October 2011
Provides a thorough view on the struggles of today and tomorrow’s U.S. manufacturers. Focus areas include: customer priorities through innovation; globally local operations; supply network flexibility; agility on the shop floor and beyond; sustain and partner for scarce resources.
Other Categories: Current State of MFG, Innovation, Best Practices, Productivity