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100 Bureau Drive, M/S 4800
Gaithersburg, MD 20899-4800

E3: Economy, Energy, and Environment

"Our goal is to help companies gain a competitive edge and access to new markets by reducing environmental and energy costs through the development of new sustainable materials, products and processes. We see this as an opportunity to strategically re-position U.S. manufacturing.” Alex Folk, Program Development Office Chief, NIST MEP

Watch how E3 is revolutionizing America

E3 – Economy, Energy, and Environment – is a coordinated federal and local technical assistance initiative that is helping manufacturers across the nation adapt and thrive in a new business era focused on sustainability. In the process, E3 is boosting local economies and benefiting the communities with creation of “green jobs” and reduced environmental impacts.

Joining forces with the local community, E3 provides manufacturers with customized, hands-on assessments of production processes and assists with the implementation of energy-saving projects. As a result, E3 is:

  • Increasing manufacturers’ productivity, while making them more competitive;
  • Driving innovation and encouraging global leadership;
  • Helping foster a green workforce;
  • Improving the regional economy by retaining jobs in companies; and
  • Reducing environmental impacts.

E3 serves as a unique model by working directly with the local manufacturers, utilities, and business communities and streamlining the delivery of the most suitable technical and financial resources to the manufacturers. These resources are leveraged from the following pool of E3 collaborating agencies and programs: DOC, DOE, EPA, DOL, SBA and USDA.

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 The E3 framework is designed to be scalable and replicable. E3 is expanding throughout the nation. What began as two city pilots in 2009 has grown into a framework expected to operate in numerous communities among 15 states in 2012.

Download E3: Economy, Energy, Environment

For more information about E3, please contact:
Brian Lagas
(301) 975-5043