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100 Bureau Drive, M/S 4800
Gaithersburg, MD 20899-4800

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Continuous innovation is key to successful manufacturers. Whether it is developing new products, adopting new technologies, or improved manufacturing processes, manufacturers must constantly be on a path of developing and implementing improvements to retain current customers and expand into new markets. Manufacturers that accelerate innovation are far more successful and realize greater opportunities to participate in the global economy.  

Innovation is at the core of what MEP does. By placing innovations developed through research at federal laboratories, educational institutions and corporations directly in the hands of U.S. manufacturers, MEP serves an essential role sustaining and growing America’s manufacturing base. MEP works to provide manufacturers with the foundation and knowledge to expand into new global markets. With tools focused on increasing manufacturers ability to implement processes to quickly move from idea concept to prototype to commercialization, MEP assists manufacturers to achieving new sales, leading to higher tax receipts and new sustainable jobs in the high paying advanced manufacturing sector.  

MEP supports manufacturers with innovation-driven growth through an integrated framework of tools, services, and support. Below are a sample of the innovation services that are supporting the improved competitiveness and growth of U.S. manufacturers.

For More Information To learn more about MEP and how they support manufacturers, contact your local MEP center.


NIST MEP Contact
Mike Simpson
(301) 975-6147

Kari Reidy
(301) 975-4919