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Next Generation Strategy

Profitable Growth Services

Profitable business growth and competitiveness is the primary focus for the services provided by MEP Centers going forward – even those associated with the core MEP service areas relating to Continuous Improvement. Specific service offerings exist or are being developed relating to aspects of the five individual components of the MEP Strategic Framework that ultimately result in profitable growth and competitiveness, and these are depicted in the diagram and described herein. In addition, MEP Centers also offer a range of services that are specifically focused on Business Growth.

MEP Business Growth Services address top-line growth for clients, specifically focusing on identifying new sales, developing new products, entering new markets, and deploying new business models. These services have as their goal to provide companies the tools they need to achieve a 20/20 balance: at least 20% growth to their top line, along with at least a 20% decrease in bottom-line costs.

helps companies enter or expand in global markets. The program assists your company in developing an international growth plan, provides experts who will vet your plan, and connects you with organizations that will help you move quickly beyond planning to actual export sales.

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Innovation-Driven Growth
accelerates a continuous flow of innovations - big and small to address your departmentʼs, divisionʼs & companyʼs Very Important Problems & Opportunities. Major innovation projects have a dramatic impact on sales and profits. Minor projects help transform the culture. MEP fosters innovation-driven growth through an integrated framework of tools, services and support.

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Lean Product Development
and Design methods and principles help companies overcome time to market, portfolio management, design and development resource, and new product cost challenges. The workshops expose clients to an ideal New Product Development Process that can be easily scaled to their size and need, while providing insight and tools to begin the journey to transform their product design and development activity into a low waste, high value, lean process.

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For more information about Profitable Growth Services, contact your local MEP center or NIST MEP:

Kari Reidy
(301) 975-4919