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Donna Hurley

Research Interests

Creating and applying new measurement technology for advanced material characterization, primarily mechanical properties. Current research involves quantitative imaging of mechanical properties with nanoscale spatial resolution using atomic force microscopy (AFM) methods. Previous research used ultrasonic methods to determine the elastic properties of thin films and solids, including laser-ultrasonic techniques, surface acoustic waves, and nonlinear ultrasonics.


Professional Affiliations

American Physical Society


Professional Activities

2000-2010: Advisor for 5 postdocs, including 2 National Research Council Fellows

2002-2006: Organizing Committee Member, SPIE Symposium on NDE and Health Monitoring

2003-2005: Technical Program Committee Member, IEEE Ultrasonics Symposium

1999-2005: Editorial Advisory Board Member, Measurement Science & Technology

1999-2000: Session organizer, Review of Progress in Quantitative NDE Conference

1994-1997: Member, American Physical Society Committee on the Status of Women in Physics

1992-1995: Head Judge, NY Capital District Science and Engineering Fair

1991-1993: Ph.D. Recruiter, GE Corporate Research and Development


Awards and Honors

United States Department of Commerce Bronze Medal (2007)

Institute of Physics Fellow for services to Meas. Sci. Technol. (2003-2005)

Best Paper Award (2nd place), SPIE Symposium on NDE and Health Monitoring (2001)

Dushman Award, GE Corporate Research and Development (1993)

Whitney Gallery of Technical Achievers, GE Corporate Research and Development (1991)

NATO-NSF Postdoctoral Fellowship (1987-1988)

Exxon Industrial Fellowship, University of Illinois (1982-1983)

Graduate Fellowship, University of Illinois (1981-1982)

NSF Undergraduate Research Fellow (1979)


Publications and Presentations

More than 60 publications in journals and conference proceedings; 4 book chapters

More than 25 invited presentations at conferences, workshops, universities, etc.

More than 40 additional contributed presentations at conferences and meetings

Co-inventor on 6 patents for ultrasonic, optical, and eddy current measurement applications

Donna Hurley


Materials Reliability Division
Nanoscale Reliability Group

Employment History:

Physicist, Nanoscale Reliability Group,Materials Relibility Division

Leader, Microstructural Sensing Group, Materials Reliability Division

Physicist, Microstructural Sensing Group, Materials Reliability Division

Individual Contributor, Automated Imaging Technology Program, GE Corporate Research & Development, Schenectady, NY

Postdoctoral Fellow, Physics Dept., Univ. of Nottingham (UK)


Ph.D. in Condensed Matter Physics, University of Illinois-Urbana

M.S. in Physics, University of Illinois-Urbana

B.S. in Physics, Indiana University-Bloomington


Phone: 303-497-3081
Fax: 303-497-5030