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Biomaterials Group


The Biomaterials Group develops methods and reference materials for characterizing interactions of materials and biological systems. This work is in support of biotechnology – related research areas and industries, both new and established. Our current focus areas cover dental materials, biopharmaceutics, and regenerative medicine. A major focus of the group is development of analytical methods for extracting quantitative and statistically significant information from systems of interest in a non-invasive or minimally-invasive way. These efforts are leveraged by research carried out collaboratively with Universities and other Federal Agencies to improve important aspects of health care diagnostics and therapeutics, and to improve performance of materials used in biotechnological industries. The group's activities are carried out in four project areas.


 A collage of results and products of the Biomaterials Group: dental composites; optical interferometric image of the tooth; cells within an electrospun fiber mesh; reference scaffolds for tissue engineering; computation model for sugar molecules for preserving proteins; and instrumental development of nonlinear optical imaging