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2nd International Conference on Biofuel Standards


Standards and Measurements for Biofuels: Facilitating Global Trade


The Conference was organised by the Directorate General for Energy – European Commission (DG TREN/D2), in close collaboration with the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the Brazilian Instituto Nacional de Metrologia, Normalização e Qualidade Industrial (INMETRO). The objectives of the Conference were to examine the achievements reached by the Tripartite work on biofuels standards and report on the progress achieved after the publication of the White Paper on Internationally Compatible Biofuels Standards (PDF).

On the second day two informative sessions described the various activities taking place on sustainability criteria in the EU, USA, Brazil as well as other voluntary schemes. 140 international experts attended the Conference. The majority of the participants were from the oil, car and biofuel industries, various standardisation bodies as well as scientists working on sustainability criteria and GHG calculations.


Opening speeches

Christopher Jones, Director DG TREN, European Commission
Christopher Murray, Charge d'Affairs US Mission to the EU
Ricardo Neiva Tavares, Ambassador, Mission of Brazil to EU

Session 1a: The Tripartite White Paper and the developments regarding global fuel specifications

Chair: Stefan Tostmann, DG TREN, European Commission
Rapporteur:Ellyn Beary, NIST,US

Kyriakos Maniatis, European Commission, DG TREN, Willie E. May, NIST & Humberto Brandi INMETRO, " Results of the White Paper and future prospects [598 KB] "

Donna Hoel, ExxonMobil,US, "Progress at ISO/TC 28/SC 7", Oral presentation

Chuck Corr, Archer Daniels Midland, US, " Proposal to Assist the Expansion of Biofuels [155 KB] "

Session 1b: The Tripartite White Paper and the developments regarding global fuel specifications

Chair: Kyriakos Maniatis, European Commission, DG TREN
Rapporteur:Noel Gurwick, U.S. Department of State

Steve Howell, MARC-IV Consulting, " APEC Biofuels Task Force and Asia-Pacific Context for Biodiesel Standards Work [2 MB] "

Rosângela Moreira de Araújo (ANP), Brazil, " The regulation of biofuels quality in Brazil and the developments regarding global fuel specifications [2 MB] "

Sara Prins, NMISA, South Africa, " Biofuels in South Africa and the Tripartite White Paper [620 KB] "

Session 2: NMI Activities: Reference Materials, Reference Methods and Support for PT programs

Chair: Humberto Brandi [196 KB] , INMETRO, Brazil
Rapporteur:Noel Gurwick, U.S. Department of State

Robert Kaarls, International Committee on Weights and Measures – “ Metre Convention TreatyInternational Bureau of Weights and Measures – BIPMand the Role of the National Metrology Institutes [448 KB] ”

Willie E. May, NIST & Humberto Brandi, "Measurement Standards to Support Global Trade of Biofuels [326 KB] "

Annarita Baldan, Michel van Son, Hugo Ent,VSL, the Netherlands, " BIOREMA Project: Reference Materials for Biofuel Specifications [950 KB] "

Masahiko Numata, NMIJ/AIST, Japan, " Prospects of Biofuels in Japan & Preliminary Studies on Biofuel CRMs by the National Metrology Institute of Japan [367 KB] "

Session 3: Industry needs, Producers & Distributors

Chair: Henry Joseph Junior, ANFAVEA, Brazil
Rapporteur: Ortwin Costenoble, NEN, NL

Steve Howell, MARC-IV Consulting, “ Industry Needs producers and distributors: Biodiesel [259 KB] ”  

Bob Saunders, " CEN Biofuels Specification [237 KB] "

José Felix Silva Junior, Única – Brazil, " Specification and Trading of Ethanol [326 KB] "

Urzula Szalkowska,International Fuel Quality Centre, Belgium, " Biofuels standards and quality needs [909 KB] "

Session 4: Test Methods & Global Reference Fuels

Chair: Sonia Maria Cabral de Menezes, Petrobras, Brazil
Rapporteur:Michel van Son, VSL, NL

Carlos Santos Amorin Junior, Fed. University of RJ/Inmetro, Brazil, “ Liquid Biofuel: Brazilain Initiatives in International Standardisation [107 KB] ”

Jeff Grove, ASTM, US, " Improving Measurement Methods Through Global Cooperation [150 KB] "

Paolo Tittarelli, CEN/TC19 WG27 Convenor, " ISO, CEN and ASTM cooperative work in support of biofuels [86 KB] "

Session 5: Global Specifications, Cat. B, Glossary & Definition

Chair: Donna Hoel, ExxonMobil, US
Rapporteur:José Felix da Silva, ÚNICA, Brazil

Steve Howell, MARC-IV Consulting& Jeff Grove, ASTM, US, “ Global Cooperation in Biofuels Specifications [163 KB] ”

Sonia Maria Cabral de Menezes, Petrobras, Brazil, " Petrobras as a Biodiesel Producer:Comments on Categories B & C Specifications from Tripartite White Paper [2 MB] "

Jacco Woldendorp, CEN, NL, " CEN/TC 19’s position on the continuation of the Tripartite work -a regional perspective [96 KB] "

Session 6: Informational Update – Current status of Renewable and Low CarbonFuel Initiatives

Chair: Manuela Buchgraber, European Commission, DG JRC
Rapporteur: Ileana Martinez, NIST, USA

Paul Hodson, European Commission, DG TREN, " The EU biofuel sustainability scheme [125 KB] "

Subhas K. Sikdar, EPA, USA, " Sustainability Metrics Methodology and how it can be used for Biofuels [2 MB] "  

Marco Tulio S. Cabral, Brazilian Mission to the EU, Brazil," Biofuels sustainability in Brazil: legal framework and public policies [579 KB] "

Session 7: Informational Update – Status of Global developments to Measure Sustainability

Chair: Willie May,NIST, US
Rapporteur:Carlos Alberto Aragão de Carvalho, Fed. University of RJ/Inmetro, Brazil

Karen Laughlin, US EPA/GBEP, “GHG Lifecycle Modeling of Renewable Fuels” presentation withdrawn on request

Carlos Cerri, University of São Paulo/Inmetro, " Net greenhouse gas emissions in the ethanol production process [3 MB] "

Ortwin Costenoble, CEN TC 383, " CEN Standardization work on sustainable biomass [269 KB] " 

Charlotte Opal, Roundtable on Sustainable Biofuels, “The Roundtable on Sustainable Biofuels [475 KB] ”


Start Date: Thursday, March 19, 2009
End Date: Friday, March 20, 2009
Location: Brussels, Beligum
Format: Conference


European Commission (EC)


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