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Hollings Marine Laboratory Programs and Projects

Characterization of Dolphin Lung Endothelial Cells Through Quantitative Imaging

Chemical Metrology for Metals, Ores, and Related Materials

Development of an SRM for Metabolites in Plasma

Development of Proteomics-Based Methods for Protein Quantification

Development of Reference Methods and Reference Materials for Clinical Diagnostic Markers

Development of Reference Methods and Reference Materials for Proteins

Development of SRM 2669 for Accurate Assessment of Arsenic Exposure

Development of SRM 955c Lead in Caprine Blood

Development of SRMs for Accurate Assessment of Exposure to Toxic Elements and Anions

Expression of Stable Isotopically Labeled Proteins

Inorganic Chemical Metrology Program Areas

Interlaboratory Comparison Exercises for Organic Contaminants and Trace Elements

Isotopes as Environmental Tracers in Archived Biological Specimens

Marine Environmental Metabolomics

Marine Environmental Specimen Bank

Measurements and Standards for Contaminants in Biological (Human) Materials

Measurements and Standards for Contaminants in Environmental Samples

Metallomics: A Multidisciplinary Approach for the Qualitative and Quantitative Determination of Proteins and Metalloproteins Used as Health and Disease Markers

Methods and Measurements for Emerging Contaminants

Monitoring Contaminants in the Arctic and Subarctic Using Banked Seabird Eggs

NIST Aids the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) in the Area of Marine Animal Health

Optimization of the Standard Addition Method (SAM) Using Monte Carlo Simulation

Organic Chemical Metrology Program Areas

Renewal of NIST Benchmark SRMs for Accurate Determinations of Trace Elements in Serum and Liver Tissues

Simultaneous Determination of Mercury and Tin Species in Standard Reference Materials

SRMs for Contaminants in Air Particulate Matter

Organic Contaminants in Human Serum, Milk, and Urine

Standard Reference Materials for Hexavalent Chromium in Contaminated Soil

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