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HML Inorganic Chemical Metrology Program Areas


The Inorganic Chemical Metrology Program exists within the Chemical Sciences Division, MML which is located at the Hollings Marine Laboratory in Charleston, SC.


Cutting-edge instrumentation in the trace element research facility is utilized to achieve three main functions for NIST:

  1. the value assignment of trace elements and both inorganic and organometallic species in NIST SRM's and samples from the marine environment,
  2. Performing NIST, HML and student research, and
  3. Coordinating marine quality assurance activities under several programs.
Inorganic Chemical Metrology Lab

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General Information:
Steven Christopher
843-762-4872 Telephone
843-762-8742 Facsimile

331 Ft. Johnson Rd.
Rm. C106
Charleston, SC  29412