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Dr. Joshua Martin

Research Interests


  • Develop advanced metrology techniques and apparatus to characterize the physical properties of thermoelectric and other energy conversion materials
  • Investigate the structure-property relationships of novel energy conversion materials
  • Inorganic materials of interest: functional nanocomposites, oxides, open-structured frameworks, and combinatorial films


Figure 1: Power conversion diagram for a thermoelectric device, where a temperature gradient is converted into electrical energy.

JMartin_figure2a JMartin_figure3a

Figure 2(left): Temperature dependent power factor for polycrystalline type I clathrate materials in comparison to single crystal data (dashed line). Appl. Phys. Lett. 92, (2008).; Figure 3(right): Seebeck coefficient and power factor vs. carrier concentration demonstrating an enhancement in nanocomposite PbTe (filled circles) in comparison to bulk PbTe (dashed line). Phys. Rev. B 79, (2009).

Awards and Honors

  • Summer Research Fellowship, Department of Physics, USF, 2007
  • Graduate Publication Award, College of Arts and Sciences, USF, 2007
  • Fred L. and Helen M. Tharp Physics Graduate Scholarship, USF, 2006
  • General Motors R&D Internship, Warren, MI, 2005
  • Student Poster Award, Symposium S, Materials Research Society Fall 2003 Meeting, Boston, MA, 2003

Publications Prior to Joining NIST:

  • J. Martin, G. S. Nolas, H. Wang, Optimization of the thermoelectric properties of Ba8Ga16Ge30, Appl. Phys. Lett., 92, 222110 (2008).
  • J. Martin, G. S. Nolas, H. Wang, J. Yang, Thermoelectric Properties of Silicon-Germanium Type I Clathrates, J. Appl. Phys. 102, 103719 (2007).
  • J. Martin, G. S. Nolas, W. Zhang, and L. Chen, PbTe nanocomposites synthesized from PbTe nanocrystals, Appl. Phys. Lett. 90, 222112 (2007).



Ceramics Division
Functional Properties Group

Employment History:

2008-current: National Research Council Postdoctoral Fellow at NIST, Mentor: Winnie Wong-Ng, Ph.D.
2003-2008: Graduate Research, Novel Materials Laboratory    Department of Physics, University of South Florida, Mentor: George S. Nolas, Ph.D.
2005: Internship, General Motors R&D, Mentor: Jihui Yang, Ph.D.


Ph.D. Applied Physics Thesis: “Methods of Thermoelectric Enhancement in Silicon-Germanium Alloy Type I Clathrates and in Nanostructured Lead Chalcogenides” University of South Florida, Tampa, FL, 2008
M.S. Physics Thesis: “Optimization Study of Ba-Filled Si-Ge Alloy Type I Semiconducting Clathrates for Thermoelectric Applications”
University of South Florida, Tampa, FL 2005
B.S. Physics University of South Florida, Tampa, FL, 2002


Phone: 301-975-3681
Email: joshua.martin@nist.gov
Fax: 301-975-5334