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Matthew Staymates

Research interests focus on improved metrology techniques for the evaluation of trace explosives and narcotics detection technology. Computational fluid dynamics, schlieren imaging, high-speed videography, laser light-sheet flow visualization, and other traditional flow diagnostic methods are used to investigate the performance of current trace detection technology. Research is also focused on enhancing non-contact aerodynamic sampling in next-generation trace detection equipment.

Other interests include standard explosive microparticle fabrication, particle release mechanisms, and precise material deposition for stand-off explosive detection instrumentation. Matthew serves as the Explosives Safety Officer for the division and oversees the safe handling of high explosives and energetic materials.

Matt Staymates


Research Chemist
Surface and Microanalysis Science
Analytical Microscopy Group


2006 M.S. Mechanical Engineering, Penn State University

2004 B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Penn State University


Phone: 301-975-3913
Fax: 301-417-1321