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Nano Materials Research Group


The Nano Materials Research Group conducts research on the development of innovative metrologies and measurement protocols for micro/nano-scale heterosystems analysis. Measurement techniques are used to determine sample composition as well as structural, electronic, and chemical properties of a wide variety of organic, inorganic and biomolecular systems where materials of interest are typically present as either micro/nano-scale features or monolayer/multilayer films.


Nanoparticle Measurements and Standards for Biomedical Applications and Health—Our goal is to develop certified reference materials, standard test methods, measurements, and critical data for the physicochemical characterization of engineered and multifunctional …

Nanotechnology—Key metrologies/systems: Superresolving optical microscopy/Coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering; Scanning Kelvin probe microscopy/Organic thin film transistors; Focused-ion beam/ZnO nanowires and …

Materials Science—Key metrologies/systems: In situ spectroscopic ellipsometry, linear and non-linear spectroscopies/Polymeric thiophene-based semiconductors for flexible large area electronics. Advanced platforms …

Energy—Key metrologies/systems: Scanning tunneling microscopy and one- and two-photon photoemission/Model organic heterostructures - pentacene:C60 and metal phthalocyanine:C60. Advanced platforms and …

Chemistry—Key metrologies/systems: Near-infrared (IR) supercontinuum light sources/long-path absorbance Fourier transform IR spectrometry. Advanced platforms and protocols are being developed towards …

Bioscience and Health—Key metrologies/systems: In situ spectroscopic ellipsometry/Self-assembled monolayer resistance to protein/surface binding. Advanced platforms and protocols are being developed towards the …


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General Information:
Dr. Steven A. Buntin
301-975-2989 Telephone
301-417-1321 Facsimile

100 Bureau Drive, M/S 8371
Gaithersburg, MD 20899-8371