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Nanotechnology at NIST Overview

The nanotechnology-related research conducted in NIST's laboratories develops measurements, standards, and data crucial to a wide range of industries and federal agencies, from the development of advanced spectroscopic methods needed to increase efficiency in advanced photovoltaics, to the development of the standard reference materials and data necessary to accurately quantify and measure the presence and impact of nanomaterials in the environment.  NIST further supports the US nanotechnology enterprise from discovery to production through its Center for Nanoscale Science and Technology (CNST), established in 2007.  The CNST provides rapid access to a world-class, shared-use nanofabrication facility, the NanoFab, while creating the next generation of nanoscale measurement instruments, made available through collaboration.  NIST's Technology Innovation Program is investing in the development of transformational technologies necessary to advance the large scale manufacture of nanomaterials.  In coordination with the private sector, NIST provides the technical foundation and leadership to the development of international nanotechnology standards—standards that are a key to opening new markets and facilitating trade and commerce.

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