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April Workshop Takes Aim at Obstacles to Nanotech Energy Technologies
Release Date: 03/10/2009

Most processes governing the generation, conversion, and transport of energy occur at the nanoscale. Exploring the new measurement and materials’ … more

Nanotechnologists Gain Powerful New Materials Probe
Release Date: 02/24/2009

Top view of the MACS multiaxis detector system (seen before being enclosed in shielding material). With more neutrons striking the sample and more … more

NanoFab Adds New Capabilities
Release Date: 02/24/2009

The NanoFab (nanoscale fabrication facility) at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is expanding its capabilities to serve … more

“How To” Guide for AFM-Based Nanomechanics
Release Date: 02/09/2009

MSEL recently published a book chapter on making quantitative nanomechanical measurements using atomic force microscopy (AFM). This practical … more

Viscosity-Enhancing Nanomaterials May Double Service Life of Concrete
Release Date: 01/27/2009

Engineers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) are patenting a method that is expected to double the service life of … more

Super Sensitive Gas Detector Goes Down the Nanotubes
Release Date: 01/13/2009

When cells are under stress, they blow off steam by releasing minute amounts of nitrogen oxides and other toxic gases. In a recent paper,* … more

New Tool Gives Researchers a Glimpse of Biomolecules in Motion
Release Date: 01/13/2009

The ability of biomolecules to flex and bend is important for the performance of many functions within living cells. However, researchers … more

Cold Atoms Could Replace Hot Gallium in Focused Ion Beams
Release Date: 11/12/2008

Scientists at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) have developed a radical new method of focusing a stream of ions into a … more

Let the Games Begin! Nanosoccer at 2009 RoboCup in Austria
Release Date: 11/12/2008

The World Cup may be two years away, but soccer aficionados can get an early start at satisfying their yen for global competition when the … more

Nanoparticles in the Home: More and Smaller Than Previously Detected
Release Date: 11/12/2008

NIST researcher Cynthia Howard Reed and guest researcher Lance Wallace measure nanoparticles emitted by common household appliances. The new … more

‘Femtomolar Optical Tweezers’ May Enable Sensitive Blood Tests
Release Date: 11/12/2008

Basic scheme of an optical tweezer-based sensor of biological particles. A microsphere covered with a specific antigen (such as a virus or other … more

NCI and NIST Propose Online Community To Speed Up Development of Nanotech Standards
Release Date: 11/12/2008

Participatory, Web 2.0 Web Site to Focus on Nanomaterials Federal government and U.S. industry scientists are forging ahead with plans to … more

Nanoscale Dimensioning Is Fast, Cheap with New NIST Optical Technique
Release Date: 10/28/2008

A novel technique under development at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) uses a relatively inexpensive optical microscope … more

Paperwork: Buckypapers Clarify Electrical, Optical Behavior of Nanotubes
Release Date: 10/14/2008

Buckypaper: SEM image demonstrates a pseudo 2-D network of carbon nanotubes deposited like paper fibers in a thin, sparse sheet. The nanotubes … more

Gold Nanostars Outshine the Competition
Release Date: 10/14/2008

Novel nanoparticles being tested at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) have researchers seeing stars. In a recent paper,* … more

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