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Planetary Fritsch Pulverisette 7 Micro Mill


Please refer to the product data sheet or the user manual for more information.

Location: A115

Specifications / Capabilities:

  • Working Principle: Impact Force
  • Maximum Feed Size: 5mm
  • Maximum Sample Quantity: 40ml
  • Minimum Sample Quantity: 0.5ml
  • Final Fineness: <0.5µm
  • Typical Grinding Time: 8 min
  • Grinding Process: Dry/Wet
  • Speed of Main Disc: 100 rpm to 800 rpm
  • Transmission Ratio: irelative = 1:-2
Planetary Fritsch Pulverisette 7 Micro Mill

Name: Stacey Cochiara
Phone: (301) 975-8811
100 Bureau Dr Stop 6102
Gaithersburg, MD 20899-6102

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