Identity Ecosystem Steering Group (IDESG)

IDESG logoWhile NSTIC was issued by the government, it calls for the private sector to lead the crafting of an Identity Ecosystem that can replace passwords, allow individuals to prove online that they are who they claim to be, and enhance privacy.

The Identity Ecosystem Steering Group (IDESG) is the private sector led organization created to achieve this mission by administering the development of policy, standards, and accreditation processes for the Identity Ecosystem Framework.

The organization is free and open to all stakeholders—industry experts, advocates, individuals, and any others—interested in crafting a framework for identity solutions. The IDESG is the most important forum for stakeholders to convene and collaborate on solutions to enable the Identity Ecosystem.

Only the private sector has the ability to build and operate the complete Identity Ecosystem, and the final success of the Strategy depends upon private-sector leadership and innovation. The key operational roles within the Identity Ecosystem include: subjects, relying parties, identity providers, attribute providers, and accreditation authorities. For each of these ecosystem roles, the private sector will constitute the majority of the actors. For example, most identity and attribute providers will be private-sector organizations.

Under a two-year grant awarded by NIST, Trusted Federal Systems, Inc., serves as the convener and administrative arm of the IDESG. Following this initial period, the IDESG will transition to a self-sustaining organization.

For more information about the government's participation in the Identity Ecosystem Steering Group, contact the NSTIC NPO Outreach Coordinator, Kristina Rigopoulos at

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