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Investor-focused NSTIC Pilot Demonstrates Identity Management is no Longer Just a Cost Center

Websites often struggle with the trade-offs between increased security and user convenience. Many of the NSTIC pilots are confronting this challenge head-on, piloting solutions that demonstrate enhanced security and privacy is not at odds with convenience.

REMINDER: 10th IDESG Plenary Meeting in Tampa, September 17-19

The 10th meeting of the Identity Ecosystem Steering Group (IDESG) is quickly approaching. This no-cost event will take place September 17-19 in Tampa, Florida; you can attend in-person or virtually!

Competing on Privacy in the Tower of Babel

In recent months, there’s been much talk about the idea of companies competing on privacy. In theory, this sounds great. Consumers can make choices based on their privacy preferences, and the marketplace will respond. In practice, there are some significant challenges. The NSTIC pilots are learning about these challenges first hand.

Shout it Out Loud: Enhancing Privacy Can Increase Profits!

Among the questions we’re asked most frequently about NSTIC is: why are trusted identities good for business? The NSTIC pilots have collectively started to answer that question, highlighting how better privacy, security and convenience are enabling new online business models, and driving higher sales and profits.

Passwords, Dr. Evil and a Solution in Tampa

1.2 billion.

It’s a number that inspires people to conjure up their best Dr. Evil impression, although it’s no laughing matter.  1.2 billion compromised passwords is a remarkably stunning and shocking number.