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The Journal of Research of NIST and its predecessors report NIST research and development in metrology and related fields of: physical science, engineering, applied mathematics, statistics, biotechnology, information technology.

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Volume 62

 ISSN: 0091-0635

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Issue 6

Issue 1 January 1959


Corrections (Volume 62), p. ii

Heat of mixing of polybutadiene and benzene, p. 1
Jessup, R.S.

Infrared high-resolution grating spectrometer, p. 7
Plyler, E.K.; Blaine, L.R.

Determination of titanium, zirconium, niobium, and tantalum in steels: separations by anion-exchange, p. 11
Hague, J.L.; Machlan, L.A.

Preparation of new solution standards of radium, p. 21
Mann, W.B.; Stockmann, L.L.; Youden, W.J.; Schwebel, A.; Mullen, P.A.; Garfinkel, S.B.

Phase equilibrium relations in the binary system lead oxide-niobium pentoxide, p. 27
Roth, R.S.

Mass spectra of some deuterostyrenes, p. 39
Quinn, E.I.; Mohler, F.L.

Heat of reaction of diborane with water and the heat of formation of boric oxide, p. 43
Prosen, E.J.; Johnson, W.H.; Pergiel, F.Y.

Heat of formation of titanium tetrachloride, p. 49
Johnson, W.H.; Nelson, R.A.; Prosen, E.J.

Issue 2 February 1959


Determination of niobium and tantalum in titanium-base alloys, p. 53
Hague, J.L.; Machlan, L.A.

Properties of zinc borosilicate glasses, p. 59
Hamilton, E.H.; Waxler, R.M.; Nivert, J.M.

Design and performance of a block-type osmometer, p. 63
Mcintyre, D.; Doderer, G.C.; O'Mara, J.H.

Heat of formation of titanium tetrabromide, p. 67
Nelson, R.A.; Johnson, W.H.; Prosen, E.J.

Adsorption of polyesters on glass, silica, and alumina, p. 71
Stromberg, R.R.; Quasius, A.R.; Toner, S.D.; Parker, M.S.

Theory of the effect of drag on the orbital inclination of an earth satellite, p. 79
Vinti, J.P.

Issue 3 March 1959


On a theorem of M. Riesz, p. 89
Pearl, M.

Refinement of the crystal structure of triclinic magnesium pyroborate, p. 95
Block, S.; Burley, G.; Perloff, A.; Mason, R.D.

Heat transfer in laminar flow through a tube, p. 101
Abramowitz, M.; Cahill, W.F.; Wade, C.

Fluorination of haloaromatic compounds, p. 107
Florin, R.E.; Pummer, W.J.; Wall, L.A.

Synthesis of some disubstituted 3,4,5,6,-tetrafluorobenzenes, p. 113
Pummer, W.J.; Florin, R.E.; Wall, L.A.

Reactions of aromatic fluorocarbons with hydrogen, p. 119
Florin, R.E.; Pummer, W.J.; Wall, L.A.

Exponential integral integral infinity 1 e-xtt -ndt for large values of n, p. 123
Gautschi, W.

Effect of oxygen on the bonding of gold to fused silica, p. 127
Moore, D.G.; Thornton, H.R.

Issue 4 April 1959


Interferometer for large surfaces, p. 137
Saunders, J.B.; Gross, F.L.

Glass formation in polymers .2. The system rubber-sulfur, p. 141
Martin, G.M.; Mandelkern, L.

Elastic deformations in strips with holes loaded through pins, p. 147
Chi, M.; Irwin, L.K.

Absolute light-scattering photometer: I. Design and operation, p. 153
Mcintyre, D.; Doderer, G.C.

Resolution of the dissociation constants of d,l-malic acid from 0-degrees-c to 50-degrees-c, p. 161
Eden, M.; Bates, R.G.

Capacity requirement of a mail sorting device, p. 171
Bender, B.K.; Goldman, A.J.

Effect of internal radiant heat transfer on temperature distribution, thermal stress, and deflection in box beams, p. 175
Goodman, S.; Russell, S.B.; Noble, C.E.

Issue 5 May 1959


Mean absolute value and standard deviation of the phase of a constant vector plus a rayleigh-distributed vector, p. 183
Johler, J.R.; Walters, L.C.

Simple rotating molecular still, p. 187
Ross, G.S.; Frolen, L.J.

Scintillation counter method of intercomparing neutron source strengths by means of a manganous sulfate bath, p. 189
Mosburg, E.R.

Phase equilibria in the subsystem barium disilicate - dibarium trisilicate, p. 193
Roth, R.S.; Levin, E.M.

Separation and determination of phosphate, silicate, and arsenate, p. 201
Clabaugh, W.S.; Jackson, A.

Heat of formation of potassium calcium silicate, p. 207
Newman, E.S.

Heat of formation of boron trichloride, p. 213
Johnson, W.H.; Miller, R.G.; Prosen, E.J.

Issue 6 June 1959


Thermal degradation of polymers at low rates, p. 219
Madorsky, S.L.

Pits in metals caused by collision with liquid drops and soft metal spheres, p. 229
Engel, O.G.

Earth currents near a monopole antenna with symmetrical top loading, p. 247
Wait, J.R.

Infrared absorption spectra of some cyclic acetals of sugars, p. 257
Tipson, R.S.; Isbell, H.S.; Stewart, J.E.

Earth currents near a top-loaded monopole antenna with special regard to electrically small L-antennas and T-antennas, p. 283
Knudsen, H.L.

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