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Journal of Research of the National Bureau of Standards, Section B: Mathematics and Mathematical Physics

The Journal of Research of NIST and its predecessors report NIST research and development in metrology and related fields of: physical science, engineering, applied mathematics, statistics, biotechnology, information technology.

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Volume 66B

 ISSN: 0022-4340

Issue 1

Issue 2

Issue 3

Issue 4

Issue 1 January 1962


Error bounds for eigenvectors of self-adjoint operators, p. 1
Bazley, Norman W.; Fox, David W.

Intermediary equatorial orbits of an artificial satellite, p. 5
Vinti, John P.

Selected bibliography of statistical literature 1930 to 1957: V. Frequency functions, moments, and graduation, p. 15
Deming, Lola S.

Measurement of wave fronts without a reference standard: Part 2. The wave front-reversing interferometer, p. 29
Saunders, J. B.

Issue 2 April 1962


Hindsight technique in machine translation of natural languages, p. 47
Rhodes, Ida; Alt, Franz L.

An extension of Jensen's theorem for the derivative of a polynomial and for infrapolynomials, p. 53
Shisha, O.

Two matrix eigenvalue inequalities, p. 57
Haber, Seymour

Graphs for determining the power of student's t-test, p. 59
Croarkin, Mary C.

Issue 3 July 1962


The first run preceded by a quota, p. 77
Goldman, A. J.; Bender, B. K.

Two theorems on matrices, p. 91
Newman, Morris

Mill's ratio for multivariate normal distributions, p. 93
Savage, I. Richard

Angle as a fourth fundamental quantity, p. 97
Romain, Jacques E.

Invalidity of Meixner's theorem in irreversible thermodynamics, p. 101
Nettleton, Re

Selected bibliography of statistical literature 1930 to 1957: VI. Theory of estimation and testing of hypotheses, sampling distributions, and theory of sample surveys, p. 109
Deming, Lolas S.

Issue 4 October 1962


Reliability of a system in which spare parts deteriorate in storage, p. 157
Weiss, George H.

Estimation of dispersion parameters, p. 161
Thompson, W. A., Jr.

Laguerre expansions for successive generations of a renewal process, p. 165
Weiss, George H.

Bounds on ratios of means, p. 169
Cargo, G. T.; Shisha, O.

A model for the viscoelastic behavior of rubberlike polymers including entanglement effects, p. 171
Marvin, Rs; Oser, H

Black box maximization of circular coverage, p. 181
Zahn, C. T., Jr.

An application of information theory to the analysis of contingency tables, with a table of 2n ln, n=1(1)10,000, p. 217
Kullback, S; Kupperman, M; Ku, H. H.

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