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Journal of Research of the National Bureau of Standards, Section B: Mathematics and Mathematical Physics

The Journal of Research of NIST and its predecessors report NIST research and development in metrology and related fields of: physical science, engineering, applied mathematics, statistics, biotechnology, information technology.

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Volume 69B

 ISSN: 0022-4340

Issues 1-2

Issue 3

Issue 4

Issues 1-2 January 1965


Lectures on matroids, p. 1
Tutte, W. T.

Menger's theorem for matroids, p. 49
Tutte, W. T.

Single-element extensions of matroids, p. 55
Crapo, Henry H.

Minimum partition of a matroid into independent subsets, p. 67
Edmonds, Jack

Lehman's switching game and a theorem of Tutte and Nash-Williams, p. 73
Edmonds, Jack

On the connection between properties of oriented linear graphs and analyses of lumped physical systems, p. 79
Trent, Horace M.

Character subgroups of F-groups, p. 85
Knopp, Marvin I.; Newman, Morris

A note on multipliers of difference sets, p. 87
Brualdi, R. A.

Modification of Edmonds' maximum matching algorithm, p. 91
Witzgall, C; Zahn, C. T., Jr.

On measurable sets and functions, p. 99
Goldman, A. J.

Characteristic relations for nonperiodic solutions of Mathieu's equation, p. 101
Tamir, T.; Wang, H. C.

On the surface duality of linear graphs, p. 121
Edmonds, Jack

Maximum matching and a polyhedron with 0,1-vertices, p. 125
Edmonds, Jack

Abstracts, p. 131

Issue 3 July 1965


A development of theory of errors with reference to economy of time, p. 139
Hersey, Mayo Dyer

Transversals and matroid partition, p. 147
Edmonds, J; Fulkerson, D.R.

Some L2 Markoff inequalities, p. 155
Shampine, Lawrence F.

Some theorems on the permanent, p. 159
Brualdi, R. A.; Newman, M.

On Kirchhoff's law and its generalized application to absorption and emission by cavities, p. 165
Kelly, Francis J.

On a relation between two-dimensional Fourier integrals and series of Hankel transforms, p. 173
Cornacchio J. V.; Soni, R. P.

On convex metrics, p. 175
Witzgall, C.

Some extensions of Banach's contraction theorem, p. 179
Meyers, Philip R.

A variant of the two-dimensional Riemann integral, p. 185
Goldman, A. J.

The use of finite polynomial rings in the factorization of the general polynomial, p. 189
Lloyd, Daniel B.

A primal (all-integer) integer programming algorithm, p. 213
Young, Richard D.

Issue 4 October 1965


Table of Dedekind sums, p. 259
Shipp, R. Dale

Lattice points in a sphere, p. 265
Bleicher, M.; Knopp, M. I.

Error analysis of phase-integral methods. I. General theory for simple turning points, p. 271
Olver, F. W. J.

Error analysis of phase-integral methods .II. Application to wave-penetration problems, p. 291
Olver, F. W. J.

A random walk model of chain polymer adsorption at a surface. II. Effect of correlation between neighboring steps, p. 301
Rubin, Robert J.

Groups of unimodular circulants, p. 313
Austing, Richard H.

A generalization of a result of Newman on multipliers of difference sets, p. 319
McFarland, R. L.

The bridge tournament problem and calibration designs for comparing pairs of objects, p. 323
Bose, R. C.; Cameron, J. M.

The condition of certain matrices, p. 333
Shampine, L. F.

Some number-theoretic calculations, p. 335
Kloss, K. E.

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