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The Journal of Research of NIST and its predecessors report NIST research and development in metrology and related fields of: physical science, engineering, applied mathematics, statistics, biotechnology, information technology.

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Volume 83

 ISSN: 0160-1741

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Issue 6

Issue 1 January 1978


Tubular flow reactors with first-order kinetics, p. 1
Brown, R.L.

Comments on units in magnetism, p. 9
Bennett, L.H.; Page, C.H.; Swartzendruber, L.J.

The first spectrum of ytterbium (Yb I), p. 13
Meggers, W.F.; Tech, J.L.

Norm approximation problems and norm statistics, p. 71
Shier, D.R.; Witzgall, C.J.

Vector-valued entire functions of bounded index satisfying a differential equation, p. 75
Heath, L.F.

Issue 2 March 1978


Tea laser induced multiphoton dissociation of ethylene in a collisional regime: Model and experiment, p. 117
Peterson, N.C.; Manning, R.G.; Braun, W.

Thermodynamic study of the alpha beta phase transformation in titanium by a pulse heating method, p. 127
Cezairliyan, A.; Miiller, A.P.

An intensity standard for electron paramagnetic resonance using chromium-doped corundum (Al2O3: Cr3+), p. 133
Chang, T.T.; Foster, D.; Kahn, A.H.

Behavior of an isolated polymer chain residing in a density gradient of segments, p. 165
DiMarzio, E.A.; Guttman, C.M.

The characterization of linear polyethylene SRM's 1482, 1483, and 1484. I. Introduction, p. 169
Verdier, P.H.; Wagner, H.L.

The characterization of linear polyethylene SRM's 1482, 1483, and 1484. II. Number-average molecular weights by membrane osmometry, p. 179
Wagner, H.L.; Verdier, P.H.

The characterization of linear polyethylene SRM's 1482, 1483, and 1484. III. Weight-average molecular weights by light scattering, p. 185
Han, C.C.; Verdier, P.H.; Wagner, H.L.

The characterization of linear polyethylene SRM's 1482, 1483, and 1484. IV. Limiting viscosity numbers by capillary viscometry, p. 195
Wagner, H.L.; Verdier, P.H.

Issue 3 May 1978


Spectrum and energy levels of triply ionized ytterbium, p. 233
Sugar, J.; Kaufman, V.; Spector, N.

An investigation of the stability of thermistors, p. 247
Wood, S.D.; Mangum, B.W.; Filliben, J.J.; Tillett, S.B.

Photovoltaic technique for measuring resistivity variations of high resistivity silicon slices, p. 265
Blackburn, D.L.

Detection of deep levels in high power semiconductor materials and devices, p. 273
Koyama, R.Y.

The thermodynamics of the glassy state. I. The heat capacity of one-dimensional disordered harmonic systems from moments, p. 283
Mopsik, F.I.; Guttman, C.M.

The equations of motion for thermally driven, buoyant flows, p. 297
Rehm, R.G.; Baum, H.R.

Issue 4 July 1978


Modification of the nonanalytic equation of state for the limit of low densities, p. 325
Goodwin, R.D.

Implementation of scaling and extended scaling equations of state for the critical point of fluids, p. 329
Moldover, M.R.

The enthalpy of formation of MoF6(l) by solution calorimetry, p. 335
Nuttall, R.L.; Churney, K.L.; Kilday, M.V.

Enthalpies of solution of nucleic acid bases. 1. Adenine in water, p. 347
Kilday, M.V.

Pyrolysis of monodisperse poly-alpha-methylstyrene, p. 371
Roestamsjah; Wall, L.A.; Florin, R.E.; Aldridge, M.H.; Fetters, L.J.

The configurational statistics of a polymer confined to a wedge of interior angle alpha, p. 381
Lauritzen, J.I.; DiMarzio, E.A.

Issue 5 September 1978


Direct determination of air density in a balance through artifacts characterized in an evacuated weighing chamber, p. 407
Koch, W.F.; Davis, R.S.; Bower, V.E.

Density of ultra-pure air at 298.15 K for mass transfer buoyancy corrections, p. 415
Waxman, M.; Davis, H.

The air density equation and the transfer of the mass unit, p. 419
Jones, F.E.

A microprocessor controlled potentiostat for electrochemical measurements, p. 429
Cohen, M.I.; Heimann, P.A.

Hashing with linear probing and frequency ordering, p. 445
Lyon, G.

Specific heats of saturated and compressed liquid propane, p. 449
Goodwin, R.D.

A cost/benefit framework for consumer product safety standards, p. 459
Muehlhause, C.O.

Some comments on Shier's paper for inverting sparse matrices, p. 485
McNamee, J.M.

Issue 6 November 1978


Enthalpies of solution of the nucleic acid bases. 2. Thymine in water, p. 529
Kilday, M.V.

Enthalpies of solution of the nucleic acid bases. 3. Cytosine in water, p. 539
Kilday, M.V.

Enthalpies of solution of the nucleic acid bases. 4. Uracil in water, p. 547
Kilday, M.V.

Neutron flux intercomparison at NBS, p. 555
Duvall, K.C.; Meier, M.M.; Wasson, O.A.; Huynh, V.D.

A critical review of comparisons of mathematical programming algorithms and software (1953-1977), p. 563
Jackson, R.H.F.; Mulvey, J.M.

Partitioned and Hadamard product matrix inequalities, p. 585
Johnson, C.R.

The phase-shifting limit cycles of the Van der Pol equation, p. 593
Melvin, P.J.

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