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The Journal of Research of NIST and its predecessors report NIST research and development in metrology and related fields of: physical science, engineering, applied mathematics, statistics, biotechnology, information technology.

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Volume 84

 ISSN: 0160-1741

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Issue 6

Issue 1 January 1979


Diffusion coefficients of the 45S and 50S states of the large ribosomal subunit of E. coli by quasielastic light scattering, p. 1
Han, C.C; Serdyuk, I.N.; Yu, H.

System for assessing eye injury potential of propelled objects, p. 9
Berger, R.E.

Enhancing FORTRAN to aid manipulation of large structured matrices, p. 21
Greenberg, H.J; Kalan, J.E.

Cutting the d-cube, p. 51
Lawrence, J.

Issue 2 March 1979


A novel method for analyzing silver sediment with high precision, p. 157
Davis, R.S.; Bower, V.E.

Psychrometric wet elements as a basis for precise physico-chemical measurements, p. 161
Wylie, R.G.

Non-free groups generated by two parabolic matrices, p. 179
Evans, R.J.

Issue 3 May 1979


Enthalpies of solution of the nucleic acid bases. 5. Adenine in aqueous hydrochloric acid, aqueous sodium hydroxide, methanol, and ethanol, p. 231
Kilday, M.V.

Sample preparation in ion-chromatography, p. 241
Koch, W.F.

Miniaturization of mormal-state and superconducting striplines, p. 247
Kautz, R.L.

Issue 4 July 1979


Enthalpies of solution of KBr, KI, KIO3, and KIO4 in H2O, p. 273
Efimov, M.E.; Klevaichuk, G.N.; Medvedev, V.A.; Kilday, M.V.

A preliminary study of the fluid mechanics of liquid penetrant testing, p. 287
Deutsch, S.

Exact coefficients of the limit cycle in Van der Pol's equation, p. 293
Deprit, A.; Schmidt, D.S.

Tensile behavior of some mathematical models of paper networks, p. 299
Smith, J.C.

A class of double integrals involving Gaussian and trigonometric factors, p. 319
Fradkin, D.M.

Issue 5 September 1979


A high precision load cell mass comparator, p. 347
Schoonover, R.M.

Molecular interpretations of modulus and swelling relations in natural rubber cross-linked by dicumyl peroxide, p. 353
Wood, L.A.

Theory of flow-induced fibril formation in polymer solutions, p. 359
Hoffman, J.D.

Observations of surface changes in platinum crucibles, p. 385
Saylor, C.P.; Wichers, E.; Hoffman, J.I.

Isoionic isotope exchange with hydroxylapatite and the dilution effect, p. 395
Misra, D.N.

Issue 6 November 1979


Molecular dynamics study of liquid rubidium and the Lennard-Jones fluid, p. 439
Mountain, R.D.; Haan, S.W.

Room temperature poling of poly(vinylidene fluoride) with deposited metal electrodes, p. 447
Kenney, J.M.; Roth, S.C.

Generators for discrete polynomial L1 approximation problems, p. 455
Domich, P.; Lawrence, J.; Shier, D.

A graph coloring algorithm for large scheduling problems, p. 489
Leighton, F.T.

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